We're a Bird of a Different Venture

: means duck, in French. It is also used in English to define a groundless rumor or belief. We named the company Canard because of our love of ducks and everything french, not rumors.

You know, the age old question — if your business were a bird, what type of bird would it be? It's important to know who you are as a company. And what we've learned about ourselves over the years is that we're not made out to be vultures.

We're Canard.

We're venture people, but really, we're passion people. Don't get us wrong though, we love to see the businesses we invest in soar. The difference with us is that we do everything we can do to help them, because we're in it with them. Which is why we only invest in people and ideas that we're truly passionate about.

We're industry agnostic and primarily participate in early-stage seed and pre-seed rounds. We not only invest in startups but we incubate and operate our own entrepreneurial hospitality ventures.

We believe that good design matters. Profitability is paramount. And great people are always more important than great ideas.