Banh Mi in Boulder Ad

Jim Heekin, Canard's Creative Director, produced and wrote this advert for the launch of our Daikon concept in Boulder. It was an instant success. We had kids dressing up as Bobby Banhs for Halloween, customers doing the banh dance in the shop, and friends complaining that the damned song was stuck in their head. We had over 250K views in the first week and hundreds of comments on YouTube before we were forced to remove it. This version of the advertisement that you see was the replacement of the original. The only difference between the two was that the first cut had a three-second background snippet of Julia Child, in her iconic voice, exclaiming "I think you're going to love it!" The popularity of the video got the best of us and someone who had watched it worked for the Julia Child Foundation, heard the clip, and sent it to the foundation's attorneys. We did not have permission to use Julia's voice. They were unconvinced with our argument that Julia would likely be in support of such tomfoolery. YouTube will not allow you to edit a video once it surpasses 100K views. So we were forced to remove it and replace the video with a new version, sans Julia. It's sad because we lost all of the hilarious comments viewers shared on the original video. Regardless, this version is just as good and "I think you're going to love it!"

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