Hello & Bonjour.
My name is Lon McGowan.
I'm an American entrepreneur and investor living in France. Welcome to my investment studio — Canard. I like to think of it as a platform for creative ventures.

About Canard

Canard is a deeply personal venture. It’s also a professional platform that allows me to manage and scale a growing investment portfolio.

Since 2011, I’ve founded, advised, partnered with and invested in creative ventures with creative people across industries like consumer tech, hospitality, food & beverage, retail, publishing, overseas product sourcing and domestic manufacturing.

Through Canard, I am able to promote my beliefs in profit sharing, investing in people over ideas, and that good design really does matter. It does, trust me.

About Me

Shortly after graduating with a BS in business from CU Boulder in 2001, I migrated to Seattle and bootstrapped my first company, iClick. Ten years later I grew it large enough that it outgrew me. I hired Jeff Hall, a seasoned executive, to take the helm, stepping aside to advise on higher level decisions and pursue new ventures. Jeff and the rest of our super-stellar team stabilized the business and grew the company 6x in 8 years. In 2012, I implemented an employee profit sharing plan that shares nearly one quarter of annual profits with our employees, while I remain iClick's only shareholder.

Each year when we divide and distribute the profits at our holiday party, I am reminded that selling a company is not the only viable exit. It's not the only way to win. Building something valuable, together, shared, can be equally — if not more — rewarding. To that end, I’ve made this template for profit sharing publicly available.

But that’s really just the beginning of my story, of Canard’s story.

Since the studio’s launch, I’ve worked on:

Angel Investments

Growth Strategy

Profit Sharing

Product Development

Creative Direction

Promotional Products

OEM/ODM Sourcing

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