Mortal Ventures
Death Fighting Beverages Growth Capital

Mortal's story started with wanting to live forever. Or at least as long as possible. But one thing stood in their way. Death. So, Mortal's founder Becca Schepps, decided to fight it—by making the realest kombucha from organic black and green tea, and master the healthiest, bubbliest, tastiest elixir their mortal bodies could handle. It’s everything you need to make death wish it wasn’t born. Mortal Kombucha is energizing kombucha brewed from black tea, liquified snowflakes, and supercharged with all-natural ingredients. It blends all the foofoo you love about ordinary kombucha with the stuff that’s awesome: bubbles, fruit, and a power packed punch of b-vitamins, antioxidant destroying free radicals and symbiotic nutrients. It’s natural, organic, non-gmo and terrific. It high-fives your taste buds and will have your gut swooning for more. It’s everything you need to Fight Death. Since its early days selling kombucha, Mortal has diversified its offering by adding probiotic as well as hard seltzers. Canard invested in the company's pre-series A round and I've since actively advised on finance, brand, and operational strategy.

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